BCT Shop

Visit our shop at Spreadshirt. A portion of  your purchase will go directly towards the programs and services we provide the Julian community. Be sure to  check back often as designs will change and items will be added. Plus...  there are multiple opportunities for discounts throughout the year.

Backcountry Communities Thriving / Julian Design... Check  out the  items here.

This Backcountry Communities Thriving / White Logo Design is available in a variety of apparel options.

This Backcountry Communities Thriving / Black Logo Design is available on apparel and accessories.

Our BCT logo / Slogan (White) Design is a great way to show your support.

Our BCT logo / Slogan Design is also available in black.

If you're looking for something more simple, our shop also has apparel with the BCT logo in white.

Their are other apparel items available with the BCT logo in black.